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Even lowly music journalists were not immune to serving as a source of inspiration: during Season Three, there was a character named, ahem, Jason Cohen. Thomas’s band once received a bad review that he loved “I’ve dreamed of headlining the SXSW Festival since it first began in the late eighties,” Thomas wrote in one of his updates to Kickstarter backers earlier this year, announcing the film’s world premiere. To put it in perspective, in one of our review of a set by Hey Zeus when they opened for the Reivers. We said, let’s promise each other that we’re going to work together someday.

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But after it was finished, MPAA censors flagged two other lines of dialogue: references to “a reacharound,” and the phrase, “hung like a Clydesdale.” Arguably, both would have made it on the air if was still on television—at least in 2014, if not in 2004. Thomas couldn’t donate to his own Kickstarter It’s against the rules, and therefore the website makes it technologically impossible for the person who starts a campaign to donate to it. One of the quirky things about the Kickstarter process was that, at the behest of Warner Bros., few of them could participate in the fundraiser until they were actually under contract to be in the film, and most of those contracts didn’t happen until after the Kickstarter was over. She figured if the movie happened, she’d be in it, but until then she could just follow the action like any other fan.

She responded that she’d done some film work herself. “That’s the way I learned what TV scripts looked like,” Thomas said.

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