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Hoping to gain some traction in the East, Julian of Eclanum (another Western Pelagian), writes to Rufus of Thessaloniki attempting to exploit the ill will between Rufus and Atticus.This attempt fails as Rufus sides with Atticus and Augustine, passing a copy of this epistle to the West for refutation. Pelagius was distributing a heavily edited copy of the Acts of Jerusalem, showing it to be far more in favor with him.In North Africa, several local councils quickly condemn Pelagius again.In the East, Celestius is condemned in Constantinople under Bishop Atticus upon review of the canons of Carthage from 411 (Marius Mercator Comm. Similarly, Celestius is again condemned by an imperial court in Cilicia under Theodosius II.After all, Trullo has long been understood in the East to be merely administrative in function: a standardization of various canonical norms.Surely, one might propose, Trullo did not intend to take on so weighty a theological matter as original sin! Trullo indeed is administrative and there was no recorded controversy over original sin in the 7th century which would necessitate such a move.This victory is short lived, however, because only weeks after this judgement, Pope Innocent I dies and Pope Zosimas is convinced by Celestius to reopen the case.

Emperors of the East and West, Theodosius II and Honorius respectively, enforce the decision as Roman imperial policy and send a joint letter to Aurelius and Augustine informing them of the banishment of Celestius and Pelagius as well as encouraging the bishops to write theological letters to encourage theological adoption of the council.

The primary accusers were prevented from attending by illness, and Orosius was detained by Bishop John.

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