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In 1985 Valeriya left her hometown and moved to the capital of Russia.

In Moscow she entered the most famous music academy in Russia - Gnesin Academy of Music - and successfully graduated from it in 1990.

In 2006 Valeriya’s autobiography “Life, Tears and Love” was published.

In the book for the first time she revealed shocking details of her marriage with Alexandr Shulgin.

The tour was concluded with a grand sold-out show at a huge Olimpisky stadium in Moscow in November.

In March 2007 Valeriya released a new album “Out Of Control” that was recorded in two versions: English and Russian.

In April 2006 Valeriya released a new album “Nezhnost’ moya” (“My Tenderness”) and began to prepare her new concert program.

In September she went on the album’s promo tour during which she gave more than 10 concerts in Russia and over 30 shows abroad.

Valeriya was born on April 17, 1968 in a small town Atkarsk (Saratovsky region) in middle Russia in a family of classical musicians.In the Forbes magazine list of 50 most highly paid people in movie, sport, literature and music industry Valeriya was ranked 9th (August, 2005).Valeriya has her own jewellery and perfume lines – “De Leri”.At the same time she recorded an album of traditional Russian romances “Pobud’ so mnoi” (“Stay with me”) which was released by “Olympia Disk” UK company.

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At the beginning of her career Valeriya took part in various contests for young singers.

At the end of December, 1995 Valeriya released “Moya Moskva” (“My Moscow”) single and in 1996 she presented to the public her album “Anna” that had been staying on top of various charts for quite a long time and made the singer widely popular. Later the singer released several successful albums ("Glaza Tsveta Neba" 2001) but in 2001 she suddenly left the stage because of difficulties with her manager and family circumstances.