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21-Dec-2017 09:41

What I was really expecting it to smell like is an old school barbershop type of fragrance that is also exotic,unique and a work of art while at the same time being able to be appealing.

This opens up smelling dated and has that old school aftershave that your grandpa may have worn but at the same time it’s not pungent or harsh.

Jaipur just has this kind of charming, comforting and friendly vibe about it. I admit it, it's a wonderful and beautiful fragrance, like anything you have smelt before.

I don't know how else to describe it, but it's absolutely stunning. But it doesnt fit in the nowadays masculine concept.

Probably most of people (normal people) would think you are wearing women's perfume. The oriental spicy is a genre that can be very tricky in finding a scent that has real balance.

Very rich I wouldnt call it spicy as it spicy has a different meaning to me. Bit like warm vanilla infused milk doused with cinnamon. Tonka is running throughout the scent and intensifies the milky vanilla scent.

Jaipur by Boucheron EDT is without a doubt the most special, comforting fragrance I have ever smelled. If you, like me, have shyed away from this scent because you are worried it would smell “dated” - don’t. Primarily because nothing else you’ve smelled is similar. :) Without regard to the aforementioned packaging, Jaipur is a must have, must try, for any fragrance apologist. It has something special that can not be transmitted - the refinement does not have years.