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They come to their congregation faithfully every week. But “later” is a broad, open-ended term that for many of us went on and on and on.Many of them serve in their congregations in some capacity. In my discussions with other Believer singles, I found this to be a common experience.Let me tell you a short story to illustrate what I’m talking about.A year or so before I started dating the woman I would eventually marry, the Caspari Center in Jerusalem made one of those all-too-rare attempts to do something about the situation by hosting an evening for singles at the Alliance Church on Prophets Street.I beg the pardon of anyone who thinks so, but the only people who never make a mistake or never have a bad experience are people who never do anything, never take any risk, never try anything new.Those people also never have anything good happen to them, and people who never date are almost certainly never going to get married.It’s kind of funny to think about this, but on the other hand, it’s not funny at all. Some of those stories contain an element of comedy, but most of them are just pure tragedy and hundreds of our brethren are living with that tragedy even as you’re sitting here reading this.I’m talking about people who were at or approaching middle age, many of whom DESPERATELY wanted to ACT their age, especially the part about being married and having children, KNOWING that there was a clock ticking regarding that last part and some of them were getting uncomfortably close to midnight. It’s emotionally crippling them, paralyzing them in so many ways, including when it comes to fulfilling their calling from the Lord, because it’s REALLY hard to be a witness to the joy of the Lord when you’re miserable because you want to be married but you’re not and you don’t know what to do about it.

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But it’s an EXAMPLE of how young Believers need practical help, guidance and direction from their elders.A lot of things need to change in order for that to start happening, and the platform of Kehila is a great way for these issues to be aired out and possible solutions discussed.

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