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Smaller, manageable, and with 21 centimeters (or 8.3 inches) being the approximate size of today’s paperbacks, favoring a measured area seems required.

Either interpretation wouldn’t assist with determining if the “21X24" is typed on the original manuscript or printed in a font different from the other printed material.

I'd rashly assumed that this was some previously unknown interim form of the Mi'kmaq-Récollet script which had emerged between the 1670s, when the Récollet missionary, Fr.

Chrestien Le Clercq, invented the script (claimed to have been based on an existing, though unattested, aboriginal pictographic system), and when printing plates with formalized representations of the script began to be used in the 1860s ( “Originale” could arguably be Italian or French, as both are well established and common enough, though the unique French endings of the large print words unquestionably defines the language of the printed portion of the original document.

Unfortunately, it’s 'shorthand' from Point A to Point B, with an odd detour or two, as I'm unable because of space limitations to address medieval Greek tachygraphy (). Perhaps the Acropolis Stone inscription is an example of Xenophon’s system, but lack of evidence leaves one at the altar with nothing to sacrifice.

Xenophon, the Greek soldier and historian who had been, as a youth, a disciple of Socrates, is said to have transcribed an oratory by Socrates with an invented system of writing (Diog. Greek shorthand was eventually standardized in the second century BCE and by the fourth century CE had emerged as a viable system, yet for some Greeks shorthand continued to be avoided and memorization was encouraged ( A Latin shorthand system is known from the mid-first century BCE and usually credited to Tiro, the household slave and personal scribe of the Roman orator, philosopher and rhetorician, Marcus Tullius Cicero.

A colleague, with whom I’d previously shared the images of the prayer book and its bookmarks, has commented: “The resemblance to Pitman Shorthand (created in 1837, but based on an older system patented by John Byrom in 1740) is very strong.

I suggest that, if the document is in the Micmac language, it is NOT written in Micmac script, but in shorthand.” It was a fine suggestion and I credit and thank Donal Buchanan (Editor, The descriptive term, ‘shorthand’, is applied to any writing system in which an average practitioner may match the pace of conversational speech with characters, signs or sigla.

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Classical debate aside, the (Tironian notes) survived into early Frankish times and is attested in Merovingian documents of the seventh century CE. Evidence suggests that Tironian notes enjoyed widespread usage until the twelfth century when odd squiggles began to be grouped with secret and occult scripts and were generally discouraged until after the Inquisition ended. Thomas Becket (Catholic, Archbishop of Canterbury) is said to have encouraged the study of Tironian notes, but his season ended prematurely.

Arguable evidence exists that early scribes made occasional time-saving choices in writing Sumerian cuneiform (and its later uses in expressing other languages), as well as with Egyptian hieroglyphs, though the hieratic and demotic forms seem to suggest this unbeckoned.

David Diringer (Cambridge, Reader in Semitic Epigraphy) believed that, "Stenography or shorthand, that is to say the script which aims at the maximum speed in transmission of thought, is in a certain sense the last stage of the history of writing ().

A cursory and initial examination showed modern letters in a Western alphabet expressing words in a Romance language, most likely French.

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The marvelous thin lined symbols with flourishes, however, were a mystery to me.Such systems of abbreviation form the basis of stenography (Gk.