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In tangible terms, it only takes a few ratings of somebody’s relative attractiveness to be moderately confident that the person is generally perceived to be above or below average, but it’s also the case that almost all participants had at least one partner who perceived him or her to be noticeably above average, and at least one who had the opposite perception.

Correlations between perceptions on different dimensions As one would expect based the Halo Effect , people who were viewed positively on one dimension were viewed positively on all dimensions.

Such data is seldom public, but Columbia business school professors Ray Fisman and Sheena Iyengar compiled a rich and relevant data set for their paper Gender Differences in Mate Selection: Evidence From a Speed Dating Experiment, which they generously anonymized and shared.

Following this line of thought ultimately facilitated the creation of a better predictive model, while having relevance extending beyond the context of speed dating. I quantified the extent to which there was a universal consensus on a participant’s relative attractiveness, finding that 60% of the variation in perceptions of relative attractiveness can be attributed to the group consensus while 40% was accounted for by individual idiosyncrasies of raters.

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