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04-Sep-2017 19:49

- 800,000 new nationals - The adoption of "ius soli" would bestow Italian nationality on around 800,000 children immediately, and another 60,000 newborns a year, according to the Italian Institute of Statistics (Istat)."The children born in Italy are Italians and it is the duty of a civilized country to welcome them," Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said earlier this week.But with unemployment towering at 11 percent -- well above the average in the eurozone -- and soaring to 37 percent among young people, the age-old narrative of foreigners stealing locals' jobs has reared its head.That fear has not been eased by new figures this week showing 4.5 million Italians are living in absolute poverty.Two years later, after a series of amendments, it is now being debated in the upper house with the support of the centre-left.The draft law also provides for nationality via "ius culturae" for children not born in Italy who have spent at least five years in the country's education system.Those who do not can apply when they turn 18 but rules on time spent out of the country mean some are rejected.Back in October 41 percent of people polled said they were in favour of "ius soli", but now that number has dropped to 32.3 percent.

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Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, founder of the centre-right Forza Italia, said it would send the wrong signal to those already attracted to Italy's shores.The Latin term "ius soli" refers to rights linked to the land (where you are born) as opposed to "ius sanguinis", where rights are based on blood ties.

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