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Compare: Broad Strokes, Continuity Snarl, Depending on the Writer, Expansion Pack Past, Negative Continuity, Origins Episode, and Sliding Timescale. And then that night, over the wine and the candles, and that oh so beautiful music, you showed me your manuscript.

I was so sad to see all the blanks you couldn't fill.

But just because he wrote a load of century, and was a significant pulp author, doesn’t really answer the question as to why he should continue to be the symbol for a fantasy award in the modern day when, quite frankly, he represents a deeply troubling aspect of our culture that upsets a significant number of fans and authors.

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But for those of us within SF and Fantasy fandom, academia, and publishing, these incidents are not insignificant, they are not mountains made out of mole-hills, but are very real arguments. To attempt to recognise that the literary landscape of the new millennium is broader, wider, deeper and far more diverse than it was before.

Since we're pals, I'm giving you the chance to decide.

To that little corner in the back of your head where all the bad things hide.

It also has the problem that some people will think that author is awesome, while others won’t be as impressed. Plus, linking the award to a physical person will run the risk of real life intruding, once again, into what should be an award for current work, not what the award is modelled on.

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Suggestions like a ‘sword in the stone’, while iconic fantasy, are really only representative of a particular type of fantasy, and that myth is located firmly in the Western Anglo tradition.

And there are those who would prefer to have the genres remain static, never changing, trapped in perfect amber, and coloured by nostalgic (and at times fairly racist and misogynist) rose-tinted glasses.