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10-Sep-2017 18:05

I instilled that in them as best I could, in a very loving way...we're very close. I love being with my girlfriend, but I can't stand her daughter..I can't interfere and show her some parenting technique to some realistic degree (how do you tell a mom she isn't doing good enough as a parent!!?? I feel like an A-Hole because I just broke it off with her over this...hence my profile now... While it's true that no one will ever love ur kids like u do, u should never settle 4 anyone who doesn't love them at all!

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You cannot make her change, but she might recognize the problem and not know what to do about it. Fifth, if you do work it out and blend the family, all the kids are to be treated equally and consistently...Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. She is the nicest, most giving woman I could ever ask for.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... She has a boy and a girl, who are the same ages as my sons. Mom spends her days basically obeying her daughter, and giving in to spoiled demands just to maintain order in the home. It's at a point where when all 4 kids are together, it's total turmoil, as usually it's at my place and her daughter is tearing down the walls and yelling at her mom to take her to the store or put in a movie or refusal to eat what dinner was cooked. Last week she yelled at mom becasue she wanted to return to the dollar store because she didn't get the right toy the first time.I'm ridden with guilt feelings over saying the last goodbye...becasue her heart is truly in a good place and she wants all the right things (family, simoke life, all that) but when I began to resent her arriving with the kids, I knew that if I didn't address that issue, it wouldn't be fair to anyone either. Ur resentment will grow towards her kids, & she will become defensive towards u 4 insulting her parenting. u would choose ur kids over her, just as she should choose hers over u. My ex & I still joke that we will get back together when our kids r 18 & out of the house! But I want to do the right thing...thanks again for your input, all you guys!

She'd the type of girl I would love to be-friend and be there to help her only as a friend. I've been there OP, and I have to say, your resentment and disappointment are misplaced.No matter how frustrated you were this was not an appropriate or helpful response and I think you should have handled it differently...really weren't behaving much better than her daughter. As dating parents the stakes are different because it isn't just our feelings but our kids feelings that are involved and at risk.